Cheap Arizona Cardinals Jersey From China

Two days ago Arizona Cardinals Jersey Michael Floyd was arrested for drunk driving and failed to follow the instructions of the police. Now the Cardinals decided to cut him off.
In the university period 3 times because of alcohol problems illegal, including in the University of the final season drunk driving arrested. Freud said at the time he was receiving treatment and has changed the social circle.

The Cardinals picked Freud in the 13th pick in the first round of the 2012 draft.
Freud rookie this season is the final year of the contract, he completed 33 times the ball made 446 yards 4 touchdowns. This is a big step backward compared to last season, when he was injured in the early season after the completion of the final 52 times to obtain 849 yards. And 13 games this season, he has more than the number of catch ball handling the past single-season number of ball handling.
Freud played the best time in the 2013 season when he finished 65 shots to obtain 1041 yards.

Despite the performance in 2015 so that he was considered to be in the contract year outbreak, but in the end he became the Cardinals passing attack one of the main culprit. He is a rubbish. In the best of times he is a dangerous long-pass threat. But he did not show this season to become one of the league’s best outside potential.
The team veteran wide receiver Larry – Fitzgerald does not think the coach’s health and lose directly. He told reporters: “I think this is one of the indirect reasons, we played very well when he was under great pressure last season, we 2 wins and 13 losses, he felt very well, as the team we have to be responsible for this, a lot Things to the shoulders of our future reports if the error, you can not afford to “